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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vertigo (a prefatory poem for the subjects of my investigations)


Superman:     Easy, miss. I've got you.                                           Lois Lane:    You've got me? Who's got you?                          
 Superman: The Movie (1978)

For all those who are dangling in midair, 
       in the middle crossing

  Who find themselves in a dark wood, 
                            betwixt and between--
                  on the threshold,        
                                      at the window, 
                                                             on the border;

         in a state of exception,
                                      before the law--
                        seeking terra firma, 
                                              a sure path, 
                                                                   or the bomfim,

                             certainties & securities, 
                       solidity in liquid modernity

                upon the unanchored vessel, 
                                      on the untethered beast
                                                            ... in the unsecured present

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